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Old Memories

Following my earlier post on re-visiting the Psion 5, I’ve just wasted I don’t know how long looking at compact flash adapters on Amazon and eBay. Including SD adapters with a compact flash interface, so you fit a SD card inside the CF adaptor.

However this still wouldn’t be practical as the SD card doesn’t fit fully inside the CF adaptor, so I’d be using the 8Mb (yes not 8Gb, but 8Mb) on the Psion and transferring data to the SD card… Assuming the CF adaptor works when inserted in the Psion.

It’s a shame. I’ve a lot of affection for the Psion 5, even if I haven’t used it in years I’m reluctant to sell it. But perhaps I should sell it to someone who’s prepared to jump through all these hoops to use it.