@denniskluge oh it was amazing! We’re definitely going back

@petebrown Beautiful. Still got an eye on you, just in case…

@alongtheray absolutely stunning

@kimonostereo What did you go for? I'm just setting up my old MacBook Pro

@mroutley reluctantly

@odd Go for it!

@aaronpk looks like a well stocked bar

@patrickrhone stunning setting

@joelhamill my 8Gb MacBook feels RAM starved from time to time so if I was being new I’d go for 16Gb. In fact I hope that the “M2” can support more than 16Gb without stepping up to the Pro chips.

@danielpunkass is that Utility 14 (A Major) in Swift by Jalkut?

@jean I know the feeling. I had to reschedule my delivery to when I know I’ll be home all day.

@colinwalker only if you think perfection is achievable. But I’m happy making things better one step at a time

@colinwalker never completely happy, but rather a perputual push for perfection

@Miraz Have you looked into MarsEdit?

@Miraz I can’t be the first to re-run a speed after reading this

@pip love the symmetry and the architecture

@joshua perhaps, but they'll only really be powerful when they are interactive and not just an image from the app

@canion same here. TE is only worth it if you use the iOS sync but the TE keyboard isn’t a great experience.

@adamprime I never doubted it’s one of those regional distinctions, believe me we’ve many even in this tiny nation

@adamprime I think non-Americans like me have never understood the combination of Pizza and Pie. We think Pizza is Pizza, and Pie is Pie.

@pimoore I still remember when my mother would text without spaces or punctuation. Yearsaheadofhashtags.

@twweaver adorable little troublemaker

@Burk OMG I might even update before the end of 2021

@Cheri Wow. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised I'm speechless.

@brucegodin I think there's clear opportunities for enhanced interaction when you have trackpad or keyboard connected. Particularly given the $380 price tag on magic keyboard, and enhanced display support could only improve that even further.