@dejus nope, they do certainly do love a good box or anything surface which is new to them

@rwnash Brewdog’s beer is excellent. Just a pity that the founder and former head was (allegedly) a monster. 

@numericcitizen not quite the same vintage but I had a 2015 iMac which I reluctantly had to let go last year. The iMacs were great computers.

@jeremycherfas it’s a compulsion. Result of many years of habit.

@johnjohnston well that didn’t last long

@johnjohnston I was just going to say something similar. Summer has finally arrived, at least some sunshine and blue skies

@Gabz Nice. I'll bookmark that for next time.

@Gabz How is that image generated?

@Miraz happy new year. Our Hogmanay is a few hours away.

@pip oh nice. Bet that sounds and smells great as well as feeling warmth from it.

@BestofTimes or you have an interesting set of coasters

@yorrike oh I couldn’t agree more

@AndyNicolaides the obvious reply here is a simple “ 👍 “ but I wouldn’t stoop so low.

@mroutley Oh wow! Oh no!!!

@derekpeden und Ich... Well my German still sucks.

@rwnash www.derekpeden.com/2023/05/2...

@kimonostereo oh you’re brave. I sold mine rather than attempt going “under the hood”

@rwnash I’ll look out for it. Although I’m more interested in IPA at the moment

@rwnash I’ve never tried or even hard of coconut stout. Is it sweet ?

@denniskluge oh it was amazing! We’re definitely going back

@petebrown Beautiful. Still got an eye on you, just in case…

@alongtheray absolutely stunning

@kimonostereo What did you go for? I'm just setting up my old MacBook Pro

@mroutley reluctantly

@odd Go for it!