Successfully subscribed mindnode to an app that let’s pay for the subscription but not install the app due to OS compatibility. Presumably OS compatibility should be checked before the upgrade now screen. Naturally I’ve cancelled my subscription.

Another Callander Toy Fair

We salute you John.

A great-grandfather from Merseyside has become the world’s oldest living man. John Tinniswood, who is 111 years and 223 days old, puts his longevity down to a fish and chips on a Friday and having hiked regularly when he was young.

Reported by BBC News

Regrettably I’ve cancelled my subscription for Glass. This is a beautiful photography app and essential for anyone publishing a lot of photos. However I’ve found that I’m just making enough use of it.

Oh there is so much good stuff on this Blogroll

AI Bubble

Everyone finds new approaches which they can’t support, preferring consistency over revolution.

For me this is increasingly the “AI” bubble which has the best marketing even if the results are underwhelming. I’ve been unimpressed by the automated interpretation (AI) of existing data sources without context or awareness.

True AI is a hard problem and not likely within my lifetime, and I’m ok with that. But let’s not pretend that filtering the internet is a sign of intelligence.

Found myself engrossed in a video on why Mickey Mouse is famous, and it’s not the character or even what you can see.

Tired of feeling cold. Some warmer weather can’t come soon enough.

Welcome to the year 2000. And everything like else from 2000 it’s shockingly bad. However at least with software it’s possible to disable some of the questionable features. Although sadly not all of them.

With the release of the MacBook Air with 3rd generation of SOC for the Air class laptops the buying calculus of what’s the next hardware changes once again. Initially this is simply the decision to upgrade or stick what I have despite its limited battery life and storage limitations.

After a day clearing up my desk and not doing task, calendar or financial management I’ve rediscovered the joy and the efficiency of macOS. My set-up maybe old, some nearing a decade and some even older, but it still has enormous utility. If only the market/API’s enabled developers to continue to support older OS versions rather having to abandon them in order to survive.

Today is another reminder that “no good deed goes unpunished”. Any offer will ultimately come back to bit you, so it’s better to think again on making any such offer.

Love the look of this place

High ceiling, Brick wall with a large clock

I’ve picked up a used Remarkable 2 e-ink tablet from eBay. I’ve started using it for meeting notes, project planning and I’m impressed. There’s no latency and it does actually look like my handwriting. Now all I have to do is resist making notes “perfect” by re-writing or reordering words.

I’m genuinely annoyed that I catch myself being interested in the Apple “Video Player” despite having no need or use for it. The marketing machine works its magic once more.

New policy for email: unless this is essential for me to be notified every marketing email will be actioned as unsubscribe and delete. Enough is enough.

Nice evening walk. However just after taking these I was unexpectedley testimg Apple Watdh fall detection.

Apple releases iOS 17.3.

I’m not updating yet I’ll wait for a bit as usual.

Storm Isha looks to be a bit rough.

  • Widespread warnings are in place across the UK as Storm Isha brings rain and gusts of wind of up to 90mph (145km/h)
  • Amber weather warnings for wind are in force for much of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Yellow rain warnings are also in place in most areas
  • The storm’s strongest winds are due this evening and tomorrow morning

Stunning view of the Ben.

Loch with snow capped mountain in the background

Planning for more content to be generated and shared this year.

True that’s been the case the last couple of years but it’s life first and blogging second.

Watched Dune (2021), or tried to. Managed about an hour and then had to give up. 🍿

One of the central use cases for the Apple vision, pro is watching video. So I fully expect a range of no-name subbrand clones, which enable the video function and only that function without the overhead of a full OS. In fact they probably already exist, however I have no interest in either.

Binge watching Yellowstone. Now deep in Series 2.