This would be huge

Independence Day. Finally we can be free from these clowns.

It turns out building bridges is hard…

Turned on the coverage from Glastonbury Festival and aged about 130 years. Can’t say I’ve heard of anyone other than a handful of acts and some of content sounds like a Nokia ringtone from 1998.

Mmmmm… What goes up just come down…

One of the things I can look forward to with a modern Mac is modern Apple Notes. It’s functional but limited to me since 2019 and so most of my notes are “pre-historic” rubbish.

Well that was summer…. It’s like a winter’s night

If insomnia is not being able to sleep, what’s waking up before the morning alarm? Other than stupidity

I really don’t to find a single bee and certainly not 180,000 bees in the ceiling.

I can only hope that the trend of the UK Election Opinion Polls continue to next Thursday and bring to bear a crippling defeat to incumbent and impotent government, who’ve failed this country over the last 14 years.

Who knew there was such a thing as the World marmalade championships.

Fun to read the blogs from those travelling. I need to do the same the next time I’m travelling.

MacBook decision time?

After many months/years of contemplating updating my ageing MacBook Pro I’ve accepted the reality is that I don’t use it long enough or “hard” enough to warrant a Pro, and that an Air will probably suffice.

What’s my real justification for purchasing a pro Mac rather than more consumer machine?

I’ve argued in my own head that I’d need the ports on the MacBook Pro, and would benefit from the higher spec display. But this is all hypothetical. My external drives are connected through a hub and it’s feasible to do the same after any upgrade.

Today I opened my MacBook today to a notification that had not been backed up in a week. This is the result of using my phone or my iPad rather than using the MacBook at all in the last 10 days. If that’s the case more often that not then what’s my real justification for purchasing a pro Mac rather than more consumer machine? It’s not in frequency of use and certainly not in software or use cases.

Instead I should save my money and go for the Air. I can always return and upgrade to an Air if I really need any more horsepower or need the additional ports to function. I can address the port limitations of the Air with a hub, either what I already have or something new. I don’t actually need a TB4 dock so I can forgo my aspirations for such a brick sitting on my desk, where I’d use 5-10% of it’s real potential.

What does this mean? Until Apple bless us with a new range of M4 MacBook’s Air, then I should press the order key and finally get some hardware from this decade.

But I’ve been here before. So I’ll have to wait and see is this is relevant in a few months.

Really enjoyed seeing an Apple 1 in National Museum of Scotland. Just a pity it was a rushed visit and I could only photograph it through the glass.

Are Apple’s spacial photos like “magic eye” images from the 90s? In that some people (including me) can’t determine what I’m supposed to be looking at?

The Voice Assistant Who Cried Wolf

I hope I’m wrong this time, but this is the one area where we can’t really trust Apple, sadly. Because we can’t take Siri’s word for it.

I couldn’t agree more.

All of this week’s WWDC content on AI specific features are needs the caveat of “if this works”. There’s no evidence beyond the marketing that this is going to work given the last 13 years of Siri.

Search over. Found in bin. A copper bin. Aka Faraday Cage.

Damn it. So far “Find My” hasn’t helped locate it either.

Finished. From wooden kit to finished model in a day. I’m happy with that result.

Intricate and not much room for error. Also wood isn’t known for high precision machining

I have to admit that this is a little daunting. I’ll see you in 3 months….

Indeed, Orange is the New Black.

Finished the last working day in my forties. I’ve no idea how that happened.

I’d love to see iPad OS “window” management be considerably less fragile. For example breaking Split View given half the chance, or randomly removing an app in Slide Over. We’d all love to see much more besides this, but reliability should be top of the list.