Really looking forward to never seeing this again for a while


All aboard the M3 train. After years of delay, deliberation and false starts I’ve ordered a new MacBook. Finally

The plot thickens courtesy of Amazon undercutting Apple’s new price and only £111 more than the refurbished price.

Boarding the M3 Train

One month later and my indecision over a new MacBook continues.

Currently I’m debating with myself over to jump on the M3 Pro train before it finally leaves the station or wait for the M4 train due in a few weeks. I’m particularly looking at a refurbed M3 Pro with a healthy discount.

I’ve also ditched the decision not to invest in a high end dock and bought a Caldigit TS4, despite not owning a compatible Mac. This should have hastened my decision, given Amazons 30 day return window.

Yesterday I went further than before, quite literally, walking into an Apple Store and (again) looking at the current hardware. Maybe it’s time to actually board this train even if the new M4’s aren’t too far off.

I don’t think it’s going to make it till September without a fight. My Series 4 is spending as much time on the charger as on my wrist.

Connected 509

Barack on Joe

a patriot of the highest order

Certainly should be seen as an act of citizenship sto stand down unlike the other side’s acts of defiance.

I won’t be the first to say that plenty of brave men and women have actually taken a bullet for democracy, or watching helpless as those close to them did so. Somehow I don’t think he qualifies given the lack of understanding of what a democracy actually means.

Open Threads… Scroll… Close Threads (and I do mean force quit).

Zuck once again demonstrating there is nothing Social about his preferred form of media, just endless ads and junk content.

Summertime question, to buy or not to buy

There is the annual summertime debate over purchasing anything new in the summer or waiting until the next round of hardware releases is announced (hopefully) later in the year.

Specifically I’m deliberating over between

  1. Buying a refurbished MacBook, and getting more for my money than I could for new
  2. Waiting until the next round of Macs are released

There is no urgency in my case, merely impatience as I’ve been putting off this purchase since the M1 and the lack of both hardware and software support for my (now) legacy MacBook is increasingly frustrating. The compromises I’ve made to keep this machine running via a suite of external SSDs and USB hubs has lost its charm. I’ve waiting this long. Can I really wait another 3, 4, 5, maybe every 6 months?


However I no longer want to wait despite my head telling me that option 2 is the far more sensible thing to do given the potential performance leap in future M4 MacBooks.

Against this is my acceptance that all M4 Macs will probably cost more than the current M3’s. Driven both by Apple’s steadily increasing pricing for new hardware and and the reductions available when considering refurbished Macs.

So I go round in circles, without any decision or progress….


Tomorrow marks our anniversary in our first home together and I’ve never been happier. I don’t I can express how I feel about her, our home and the local area. It’s Wondrous.

Without question the most unique selfie I’ve ever posted. Shoulder is all clear but still “frozen”

The rest of the world looks on in disbelief.

Wow. Did he just dodge a bullet twice in 48hrs?

Trump should be for fix, not fight

I couldn’t agree more. Except I’d rather he was out the way entirely.

This would be huge

Independence Day. Finally we can be free from these clowns.

It turns out building bridges is hard…

Turned on the coverage from Glastonbury Festival and aged about 130 years. Can’t say I’ve heard of anyone other than a handful of acts and some of content sounds like a Nokia ringtone from 1998.

Mmmmm… What goes up just come down…

One of the things I can look forward to with a modern Mac is modern Apple Notes. It’s functional but limited to me since 2019 and so most of my notes are “pre-historic” rubbish.

Well that was summer…. It’s like a winter’s night

If insomnia is not being able to sleep, what’s waking up before the morning alarm? Other than stupidity

I really don’t to find a single bee and certainly not 180,000 bees in the ceiling.

I can only hope that the trend of the UK Election Opinion Polls continue to next Thursday and bring to bear a crippling defeat to incumbent and impotent government, who’ve failed this country over the last 14 years.