Dam you Apple. I’m very tempted by the New MacBook’s Pro, even though I was imagining this would be something for March or April.

Despite hearing some mixed reviews I have to say that I’m really enjoying Andor. I’m about half way through and so far it’s a really thoughtful and well-made drama.

Calm waters of Loch Lomond. Photographed on 1st January 2023. Sadly the weather isn’t so kind to us today.

Woke up at 4am this morning. I subsequently decided just to get up with energy, purpose and well-rested exuberance. A mere 4hrs later this same ebullience has all but evaporated and I may be regretting that most of today.

I’ve crossed the nadir of a week-long cold and hoping the long tail to recovery ramps up so as to not wipe out this weekend’s plans.

It’s true, I am indeed not a Robot. I’m glad that was cleared up.

Nice start to a very short break from an incredibly busy few weeks

I love the colours at this time of year

They really want me to run the software update

Loch Lomond today

That’s disgusting.

Alabama pastor arrested while watering neighbour’s plants

Better weather than forecast. Yeah, this will do.

Monday’s sunset over Windermere

Where in the Apple Maps settings is the option to disable auto rerouting to the roads the app selects rather than those selected before you drive off…

It’s disheartening to still see restaurants direct you not a web page but a facebook page, without any concept by the owner/operator of the problems and concerns this presents.

On Friday evening I finally finished for a summer vacation. A chance to reset my body and my brain after a busy first “half” of the year and chaotic few weeks in July and August.

Focussed without FoMO

I’m (still) not using any Safari Tab Groups or Focus modes on iOS or macOS and with no fear of missing out. I appreciate the addition of these tools but the current and future implementation doesn’t seem to solve any challenges I have with using my devices. I’d need to lay out the content and then someone maintain a mental model, mind map or text document of the set-up until it becomes second nature. This all sounds like additional work, far beyond any potential benefit.

The end is in sight, but Boris shouldn’t be hanging around. This “mandate” claim is nonsense: it’s not that Johnson was good it was that Corbyn was terrible. BREXIT’s been the disaster is was predicted to be and this mess is going to last decades.

It should be a mandatory requirement for software developers to actually use their own software “solutions” then they would see the struggle for themselves.

Looking at my blog and realising that what used to be regular content, not daily but reasonably frequent, has descended to 1 post per month, sometimes as little as 2 sentences. So on the 29th day of June I suppose I’d better get me content in for this month before we make to July.

I should have posted this yesterday, cause it really did make me laugh. They know me well.

Really looking forward to some time off next week. I really need a break.


Coming to realisation that my future Mac use needs to be based on a buy then sell model, not buy and keep until they break. Simply because other than batter life they don’t break. Which is why I’m still using a Late 2013 non-5K 27" iMac and entire generation of Mac hardware has passed by.

After a month of using Window 10 for work I’ve determined that Microsoft have innovated from the blue screen of death to the spinning blue circle of doom. Otherwise unchanged since in 20 years.