Derek Peden

Derek Peden

Three blogs walk into a bar...

I have 3 blogs I want to write:

  1. My industry/career blog which I write and host at
  2. A microblog, hosted by
  3. A new blog. An extended blog of long form writing and… who knows. This post could almost be published there - it’s long enough!

But the platform for the 3. still eludes me. It’s currently on Tumblr 1but that’s not great.

I want to be able to write and edit in Markdown, but I’m not prepared to put up the £240 a year (over $250 USD) for the Business plan needed to enable Markdown plug-ins on might be an option but I’m still looking at domain and hosting fees for what is currently an experiment.

Tumblr handles Markdown and as I said is my current choice. But editing longer form text on iOS is woeful and well let’s face it, it’s Tumblr so it’s in a sea of other bad, lurid and childish content.

So at this point I’m strongly considering using the excellent MarsEdit to migrate my Tumblr content to a new site and work with the lack of live Markdown support.

But of course, I’m open to other suggestions…

  1. Update: Now on Wordpress. [return]