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More use of Keyboard Maestro

For any Mac user not using Keyboard Maestro then OMG are you missing out.

I’ve seen its power before but today I found myself wanting to link OmniFocus tasks, writing the notes in Bear.

I’m not a programmer, or at least I’ve written a line of code in nearly 20 years. But just by following the steps I’d take and adding them to Keyboard Maestro I was able to create an automated workflow.

So now typing >bear in OmniFocus, KM kicks in to copy a link to the task, creates a new appropriately tagged Bear note, adds the OmniFocus link, then goes and grabs the task title, inserting this as the title of the note. The link for the note is then inserted back into OmniFocus, replacing the >bear text with a link to the note in Bear. The back and forth happens in under a second.

On iOS the Workflow app has always been a mystery to me in ways that KM has seemed obvious by comparison.