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My personal debate on new hardware

Debating (with myself) the Pros & Cons of an Apple laptop for personal use. The debate forks quickly into,

  • Macbook Air vs 12" Macbook
  • New vs Apple Refurbished vs Used (eBay)
  • New hardware vs existing hardware & workarounds

It’s not all about cost. That’s significant, but not everything.

My usage is driven by lifestyle, and it not always being convenient to sit at my iMac due to family reasons and the layout of the house. But despite it not being a current model I’m reluctant to trade it for an upgrade.

Importantly I’m questioning both a new computer or continuing to use iOS (iPhone or iPad) my very lightweight use. And my use cases are particularly light, both in hardware needs and in time spent using the hardware. My workarounds are in iOS and in screen sharing to my iMac. Both of which are served my needs for a while, particularly iOS of course, even if my personal preference is for larger displays and a cursor-based OS.