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Keeping Facebook (for now)

I’m not a frequent user of Facebook and have considered closing my account. What actually keeps me there is Facebook is where people are: people I was at school with, studied and got drunk with at University, friends and family.

My lack of use of any platform for keeping in touch has been brought to bear this evening when I saw a post from an old friend commemorating the loss of 6 members of her family in a tragic accident in 2017. Of course it’s not my unawareness of the tragedy that bothers me but that I wasn’t able to offer any words of comfort then, not that anyone really could. Had I been a more frequent user of the platform then I’d been able to add my voice to may words of comfort that I’m sure she would have received.

That’s not to say that it’s about me. Of course not. But should measure ourselves by the interaction are able to have with others, the shared experiences, both physical and digital.

Facebook should be about people: Our interactions, our relationships, our successes and defeats, our wins and our losses.