Derek Peden

Derek Peden

The Nanny State

We’re seeing governments small and large try to manage a virus, panicking, over reacting and over reaching.

Why are they closing events and gatherings of healthy people?

Why close anything?

Restrict care home and hospital access. Protect the elderly and those most at risk. Protect those for which this virus could have a life-threatening effect. But keep schools, Universities and businesses open.

We must continue on. We have evolved from “cave men” with an immune system capable of fighting a wide range of infections. What are we to do? Go back to our caves and dwell until this storm passes? Few businesses can survive such a shutdown of more than a few days, and the economic impact of a few individuals being off ill is far better than quarantining entire populations of healthy people just in case they get sick.

The speed of transference around the globe underlines the size, speed and scope of global air travel. But the number of healthy people dwarfs the number of cases.

However politicians feel duty bound to stand at lecterns and tell us how they are managing the situation.