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This Old World is a New World

My 3 year experiment with having a Wordpress site is coming to and end, with my domain directed to

I signed up for in January 2018, and like the blogging attempts that preceded it I cast a few random thoughts into the wind. I’d already started to reduce my Twitter creation and consumption and I’m only on Facebook when I receive a link or was verbally told to check it.

Around the same time I found a work contact had registered their own domain, with a site hosting their CV and professional accomplishments. I managed to combine my mental model of how this might work with my micro blog, and convinced myself that my content should be on my Wordpress site not I spun my site off in to subdomains for my entries, my “Professional” site with my CV and work related blog, and a handful of photos on a custom photo library. I fooled myself into thinking this was a good idea and sought out the tools to implement this, starting from a position of close-to-zero knowledge of domain registration, DNS, Name Servers or cross-feeds. To say nothing of the OmniFocus tasks on content management, and repopulating that photo library from zero.

The result was spending more time and energy posting, cross-posting shortcuts, and Keyboard Maestro macros than actually posting content. I spent even less time on reading any ones content. Plus I never actually connected the “professional” site to anywhere, included in an email footer or LinkedIn profile. It technically never existed.

However the real tragedy is that I never properly connected with community over those 3.5 years. At the time my Social Network use was declining nothing was taking it’s place, or at least nothing involving any kind of interaction with other people online.

This has concluded. I’ve downloaded my Wordpress archive (just to retain the words), and connected my domain to The subdomain content can die, no one will miss them, especially not me.

My new, slimmed down online presence may be limited to, but it is unlimited in the depth, breadth and quality of the content and the interactions with the community. The simplicity of the path to short posts is matched by the ease in creating and editing longer form content. As I’ve only a single site I’m not managing multiple domains, deciding what goes where and more often than not posting anything as a result.

It’s a new dawn,

It’s a new day…