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Weighing up the new Macs

Like many I’m weighing up the pros and cons of the new MBP with an M3 class SOP.

Is the Air enough for non-pro use cases?

I’m particular I’m looking at an upgrade from a Intel MacBook Pro, and wether to vertical upgrade to a new MacBook Pro or down to a M2 MacBook Air.

My current current MacBook is an ex work model I acquired for a £50 charitable donation, a late 2015 model with a mere 8Gb RAM and paltry 128Gb SSD. So any new storage would be welcome allowing me to retire the external drives which are semi-permanently connected via a USB hub.

However I don’t work from my Mac but use it recreationally rather than professionally, so maybe the Air would suffice and not really be a downgrade given the capabilities of the M2 SOP.