@adamprime I think non-Americans like me have never understood the combination of Pizza and Pie. We think Pizza is Pizza, and Pie is Pie.

@pimoore I still remember when my mother would text without spaces or punctuation. Yearsaheadofhashtags.

@twweaver adorable little troublemaker

@Burk OMG I might even update before the end of 2021

@Cheri Wow. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised I'm speechless.

@brucegodin I think there's clear opportunities for enhanced interaction when you have trackpad or keyboard connected. Particularly given the $380 price tag on magic keyboard, and enhanced display support could only improve that even further.

@adders I feel your pain. I remember having to do that. Best to watch it later when you get the chance.

@Burk brave man

@jack next year macOS will introduce a feature where you envoke multitasking bar to move a window....

@kimonostereo I was over optimistically hoping for advanced features once a keyboard and trackpad was connected

@Pilchuck for which part? There's plenty left out (for next year)

@manton most impressive part of the keynote

@tibz Looks great. Reminds me I've had to convince my parents not to throw away their vinyl.

@tibz A turntable is on my shopping list... together with records to play on it. I don't mind admitting that it's mainly cause it looks cool

@twweaver Very nice. There's a couple of very nice spots to sit and enjoy the garden

@rwnash love the glasses.

@jack I have to agree. Sticker-free here

@uncertainquark Well done! That's fantastic

@tingle looks like everyone is happy

@jsonbecker Aww looks settled. At least for now...

@twweaver look at the size of those paws!

@jeremycherfas that’s true for tabloid headlines but it’s reached the BBC news website. This is the dumbing-down of communication, preferring slang or colloquial language and it’s a slippery slope to failing to check facts because an approximation is sufficient.

@Gaby took them long enough

@annahavron Makes the place clean and tidy this week, and less to do over the weekend ahead on Monday and the return to... the W word

@cleverdevil She’s gorgeous. Looks very comfortable there