Another one.

A winter wonderland

Snow falling, lying on trees and rooftops

Spent a couple of hours catching up on my DayOne journal, recalling key moments from the last few month. Journalling and blogging need to be in my goals (not resolutions) for 2024.

Highlight from a Boxing Day stroll

Reached the time of my life where I need physiotherapy and suffer the pain from the resulting exercises

Gorgeous Day

Evernote free users could be limited to just 50 notes, as plan tested. I’m honestly surprised Evernote is still in business.

An easy mistake to make

You can only check for so much when you buy a new home. However no amount of diligence will be able to tell you that the previous owners were morons. I feel like I’m going to be fixing there mistakes for the rest of the decade.

Yet another game of “Oh that’s… ‘whatshisface’…. Oh what were they in… it’s….”, reached for Callsheet

Weighing up the new Macs

Like many I’m weighing up the pros and cons of the new MBP with an M3 class SOP.

Is the Air enough for non-pro use cases?

I’m particular I’m looking at an upgrade from a Intel MacBook Pro, and wether to vertical upgrade to a new MacBook Pro or down to a M2 MacBook Air.

My current current MacBook is an ex work model I acquired for a £50 charitable donation, a late 2015 model with a mere 8Gb RAM and paltry 128Gb SSD. So any new storage would be welcome allowing me to retire the external drives which are semi-permanently connected via a USB hub.

However I don’t work from my Mac but use it recreationally rather than professionally, so maybe the Air would suffice and not really be a downgrade given the capabilities of the M2 SOP.

Oh how did this happen?

So far I’ve listened to Now And Then twice but found myself singing it after just the first time. It’s a masterpiece and a testament to The Beatles and their legacy.

Found on mastadon. Not as high as score I’d hoped for but passable.

Polar. I can’t even give it a 1star review. What a waste of everyone’s time. 🍿

Wet, Wild and Dramatic

Wild day but an iconic view of the R&A.

I’m sorry, but what the actual fuck is going on

Another iOS update and at a slower pace than perhaps others might

I never seem to get tired of the light, the colour or the view.

Bought a new phone. Won’t be putting any apps on it.

I love the house. But can’t wait till the broadband speed increases.

The joy of Brexit

Why do British citizens need ETIAS? British citizens need ETIAS because the United Kingdom is not in the European Union. Since Brexit, you do not have freedom of movement in the EU as a UK passport holder.
ETIAS is being introduced for all visa-exempt non-EU nationals and therefore applies to travellers from the UK.

Tread Carefully

That’s it. Reached the point where I make a noise getting out of the sofa.