My other-half asked about the ISO Update for her phone.

After an afternoon of being constantly bombarded with messages to reboot I’m giving into corporate IT. Someone should remind them that they are to provide a service to us, and not the other way round.

Windows update screen

The peanuts are definitely a hit. Photo is 15x digital zoom on iPhone 13 Pro Max however I was only about 5m away. I’m actually amazed I could get so close and not scare them off

Birds on a bird feeder

It seems that it’s only taken 3 days to support my approach of not jumping on an OS update the minute it’s released.

Sold my iPad Pro (2018) and “magic” keyboard. I was barely getting any use from it.

FT states what was obvious before

The UK now realises it is small, too small to interest the US or China in trade deals. It can’t check European goods at customs, fund a satellite system to replace the EU’s Galileo or stop refugee boats. Liz Truss showed that little Britain couldn’t buck the bond market. British universities depend on the EU’s research programme, Horizon. Britain’s shrinking military is effective only in coalition; the UK’s €6.6bn in aid to Ukraine merely tops up US and German funding.

Still stuck by the local views

Microsoft. So called because they they apply a small amount of work and attention to quality in their software “products”

Finally managing to have some time out on the new deck, enjoying the sunshine.

New Table. Finally making use of this room. Love the candles too - thanks KM

Brunch. A black pudding stack: poached eggs, black pudding and potato scone on sourdough bread.

Poached eggs, balanced on the other ingredients

The work to move house continues. It feels like this has been the story of 2023 with little time to blog about it. Hopefully this will change over the next few weeks and I can get into the microblogging habit.

The BBC’s Your Home Made Perfect is one of those programs which attempts to be ambitious by bringing in new technologies, in this case VR, but completely misses the mark. They would better missing out the whole VR pretence with moving content and just showing the 3D rendered graphics, even if this has been seen before.

I’ll be sure to select the iPhone and not the IPhone

GNR have been amazing at Glastonbury. Absolutely incredible set. My only complaint was the BBC’s coverage where their Sound Department went home early.

It’s so bright despite being nearly 11pm. The birds are still chirping like it’s late evening.

I’ve a huge amount of time and respect for the people who have to fight with natural forces outside of our control. However I’ve zero fucking patience when fighting with products designed by people who were too lazy or inept to do it properly.

Should be nice smooth flight then, easy landing on time. Eh, not this time. And a good chance my connection is delayed or at least I hope so otherwise I’ll miss it.

Screenshot of thunderstorm warning

I saw my first modern “flip phone” today and just as expected the display as delaminating at the edges of the fold. This is ambitious but fundamentally flawed.

Conferences are always a busy day and today was no exception. Busy but interesting and worth it. More to do tomorrow.

Whilst I appreciate that the Nespresso coffee makers may not be for everyone, the least make a consistent coffee. However, my coffee maker, there is no stock in descaling, purgatory endlessly, repeating the cycle again and again. Every time I go through this process is the same torment. I would really love more than a blinking LED indicator.

The UK is not in a “heatwave”. Higher temperatures are instead the result of global climate change, and this is the technical bit, a season called known as Summer.

I missed a few notifications today and was reminded that I’ve never really adopted the habit of using Notification Centre in iOS16. Previous incarnations were so poor that my habit is to check apps, but Focus Modes have now hidden away those notifications.

My vision is fine thank you. It doesn’t need anything “pro” other than maybe a tweak of my prescription here or there.

Reached the point where I need to give in and increase the font size, to make iOS visible…. But the reading glasses can’t be far away