Derek Peden

Mail from Expedia. Graphics looks familiar…

Expedia Week

I feel like I’ll need to rewatch the Safari section… but that’s about it for the WWDC Keynote

As expected Apple are leaving plenty of scope for software updates in WWDC 2022.

WWDC Apple FaceTime’s new marketing line: Better late than never. But it’s surprising that Apple took 2019 and 2020 to catch-up with established features in Zoom and Teams.

Elstree 1976, ★★★

Has a few interesting moments following the experiences of extras on a certain science fiction film shot at Elstree Studios in the long hot summer of 1976.

Watching The Social Network. It’s disgusting that company still exits let alone prospers.

Wondering why I feel tired for this early in the evening… then remember I woke up 14 hours ago

I’ve tried Microsoft Office extensively and I’d like my money back or to use what they use in Redmond, cause there’s no way they are actually using this crap.

Catching up: read that the stickers Apple puts in the box for the new iMac are larger than the chin. It’s wasteful that they still include them but making them bigger than the chin is insult to injury.

I’m trying to figure out my future blogging and domain usage.

So I’m very interested to hear views on use of a personal domain, in particular combined personal use and “professional” use (LinkedIn style, maybe with CV etc).

Currently carrying a largely unused Wordpress site hosted on Siteground but with my future online focus on However my Siteground account also includes a work-focussed site hosting my CV and infrequent industry blogging.

My parents bought iPad stands which could support and power their 2020 iPads. Then found themselves bemused by the lack of compatibility between the iPads and the 30-pin connector on the stands. It’s laughable that these were ever being sold in 2021.

I’m reminded why I update software so infrequently. I’m 10 minutes into an update that should take 3 - 5 minutes.

Considering replacing my original AirPods with the reduced AirPods Pro. Especially since the battery life on my current set is 3mins [L] and 45mins [R].

Tried to press the spacebar on iPad to page down on a News app. The triumph of optimism over experience.

How about the big tech companies get the basics right before they start on new concepts? By basics I mean remembering personal settings, the preferred positions of windows, of menus, avoid daily repetition of setup. It shouldn’t be down to plug-ins, scripts and macros to it should be built into the OS regardless of the platform.

Moved hundreds of documents from one SharePoint site to another only for Microsoft to update the “modified date” field even though the file contents haven’t changed. Words fail me…

My parent’s are just away with my niece. “A” (11) was bitterly complaining that her phone, her mum’s old iPhone SE doesn’t keep a charge. I did point out the things I would have done for an iPhone when I was 11 but that didn’t make any difference.

So I gave her one of my portable batteries away with her and that I’d get it back from her this weekend. Once they were out the door I ordered her a new battery. She’ll have to wait till she’s all of 12 for a new iPhone.

Like every generation before her she’s no idea how lucky she is.

I regret ever signing up to the mental burden that is standing for 1 minute every hour. I think any physical benefit is diluted by the mental frustration of false positives and fitting this within hour-long commitments.

When did it become okay for vaccinations or injections to be referred to a “jab”. That some people don’t like either word doesn’t justify the euphemism, and journalists should know better than to use the word.

I put the thermostat in the bedroom. In the last ½ hour it’s dropped to 16.6°C (61.9°F). I might have to put the heating on for a while.

The thing about using an iPhone 6S in 2021 is that you can never have too many lightning cables lying around, regardless if they are plugged into batteries, power bricks, USB hubs or ports. Even when it’s only 18 months since the battery was replaced.

Recognised that my 1st Gen AirPods have reached end of life based. The battery life is almost unusable.

Since I discovered the amazing back catalogue of Carol Kaye I feel my life and attitude to music from the 60’s and 70’s will ever be the same.

Apple can show all the commercials they want of people swimming with their watches on, but I still clean the back of mine with a damp cloth then immediately dry it off.

The wait on hold to a “call centre” only to be connected to someone at their kitchen table makes that 1:1 experience so much more human. I hope company’s can find a way to continue to make those calls feel as direct, as personal and welcoming.