Derek Peden

@macgenie I should have walked away sooner, easier said than done

@macgenie not here, and the administrator has already stepped in.

@Burk I’d never noticed it was away. Usually keep my devices muted if at all possible

@Bruce couldn’t agree more. It would be good see an option to disable that but I don’t see that happening

@patrickrhone Agreed. And what kind of name is Big Sur? I think it should be avoided on the point of principle or only referred to as 10.16

@jsonbecker red's not good

@jsonbecker I was about to comment that mine is worse but that's probably not something I should be gloating about.

@LGGInc phone on the ground with my watch triggering when birds got close

@robert fantastic. I never had one but one of my mates did and I pined for it

@Burk @odd Indeed, but I wasn’t being serious 😝

@Burk You missed virus.

@AJgloe Us Brits did get about didn’t we. But these things shouldn’t be sugar coated as bloodless. No country has ever been openly colonised.

@numericcitizen Given the source is CNN I’m assuming this is a staged photograph not someone actually working with her arms stretched out like that. She’s been told to sit down and “work at the laptop”.

@decarbonization The Psion has a Compact Flash slot, so it’s conceivable that I could write in plain text to the Psion and then move the files somewhere. That is tempting but not sustainable as a daily workflow, not incomparison to the countless number of modern notes apps which sync between devices. If only Psion had kept it current over the 2000’s, with a improved display, Bluetooth rather than IR, USB rather than the serial bus, and maybe even chargeable cells over replaceable AAs.

@decarbonization I realised I was repeating myself before. I tried playing with it as a text editor but the process of getting text out of it is too cumbersome by modern expectations.

@decarbonization I have a couple of Psion 5MX I can’t part bear to part with for the same nostalgic reasons.

@Burk oh No!!! 😱

@nitinkhanna how could this possibly be considered good. There’s been plenty of political opportunism but not opposition.

@adders is that a typo? "Hs Blog"

@kaa unworkable

@simonwoods I have to disagree

@macgenie School pupil sent home for selling hand sanitiser. Such entrepreneurial work should be rewarded not punished.

@JohnPhilpin Looks more like 2 o’clock to me.

@Miraz Watched half of Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle last night. Really not worth it. It's so dated, especially given recent events in Hollywood.

@odd good to know. 😉